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  Lessons Tailored to the Needs of the Individual    

Blues/Rock Guitar Lessons for Adults
  • Blues is our speciality: acoustic/electric blues, delta blues (slide), and we also teach, folk, rock n roll, classic rock and old school metal

  • Complete beginners welcome, it's never too late to learn!

  • If you already play, and you want to brush up on your techniques or music theory (scales, modes, keys, time signatures etc.) we can help!

  • Lessons available in half hour/hour slots (£28 / hour), weekends and some evenings (call for details -07890 700 806)

  Guitar Lessons for Younger Players   
  • Tuition provided for 13-16 year olds in rock/pop guitar (acoustic, electric)

  • Support in music theory and composition for GSCE/A Level Music (individuals and group performance)

  • Call for more details: 07890 700 806

Rock/Metal Bass Guitar Lessons  
  • Tuition provided on Bass guitar, especially pick techniques for rock/metal

  • Call for more details: 07890 700 806!